23 wrz 2016

How to be more organized?

How to be more organized?
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We live in a world which is still somewhere we run. We have more and more work, more and more interest and less and less time on all the new activities that we would like to enter into your life. How to extend the day and make it at the same time be punctual and have time for yourself? Here are some of our tips on how to be better organized like Responsive web design software.


1. Polub the calendar - Responsive web design software
Calendar is one of the main gadgets people organized. Best to have two - traditional paper, which you can take with you everywhere and electronic - on the phone and computer, or on the phone. If you have a Windows 8 PC and Windows Phone - you can easily edit the calendar system so that it becomes an extraordinary helper in everyday life.

What should be the ideal paper calendar? Certainly light - so you can take it anywhere. In addition to this important to have enough space in every day - so that you can calmly enter all the important dates and jot down things you do not want to forget.

With the possession of a calendar it is also important to develop a certain habit of peeking into it during the day - preferably in the morning, at noon and in the evening. This allows you to keep up with their responsibilities and dates, which you have to watch. If you have a calendar in your phone - set on the notifications about important deadlines.

2. Write down when you hear - Responsive web design software
People tend to postpone everything for later. If you hear about something that you should keep in mind, or there is some new data - enter it immediately to the calendar and notepad. There is a high probability that if you do not, after a while you forget.

3. Plan the day before
Many people organized mentions lists of things to do to streamline the task waiting for us. It is worth it to do every night - in the morning we are for ourselves too gracious and ask ourselves less duties. In the evening, we usually have a lot of motivation and willingness to act - and this is conducive to good planning. The list of tasks should be as specific as possible and defined, and realistic - do not ask a million of duties, which are not able to do at the time.

4. One after another
With next to each other a list of tasks, moving smoothly from one task to another. Do not break after every sentence - establish one, for example. In the south and another about the fifteenth. So much more than enough for the rest. Do not get distracted! Remove the diffusers, install the browser plug-in blocking for the time your account on Facebook or email, ask your family for a moment of peace. This allows you up to 50% speed up your work.

5. Save time at home
There are plenty of ways to save time with household chores. Examples? Do weekly shopping list and go once a week to a large supermarket. Plan your menu seven days in advance - so you can calmly arrange the already mentioned shopping list and you can plan the time it takes to cook a meal. Try to clean up-to-date - it will help you avoid spending Saturdays with abrasion and vacuum cleaner.

6. Do the overall weekly plan
Take a table and more or less to plan things that you have to do this week - easily set yourself all this time, and in the middle of the week you will be able to assess whether you are going according to plan, do you have any delay.

7. Set a specific time to complete the task
Decide that you will be doing the same thing, eg. Two hours. Setting the date will make you more efficient and fast you finish the job.

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