21 wrz 2016

Is so everyone can be a graphic designer?

Sometimes people proceed from the assumption that if the work involves the creation of any graphics on your computer or choosing the right color, it is so simple and trivial, that can do it all. The problem is that it is a very confusing statement - because it turns out that the graphics is like a photograph of - the fact that you have a camera, does not mean that you can take a good picture - Responsive web design software.

Responsive web design software

In the era of amateur programs available for image editing and graphics creation, and easy application, so that in five minutes, we can make something out of nothing, people began to think that art is a profession for everyone.

Oh, just learn how to use Photoshop and voila! You can go crazy, design, create, and ask for compliments.

Sitter? So it seems only
Except that it is not exactly so it looks like - because art is not only the artistic taste and ability to correct, or even good, use Adobe or Corel. It is also a broad knowledge - and it really is, it creates a normal fan mess around with layers someone competent.

This knowledge of what to combine with what, what the logotype must not put what you give and will look good in print, and how to arrange page elements that you benefited from it comfortable and pleasant. It is aware of the importance of corporate identity and that all this is not just about, that looks nice and liked it, but also for it to be in some way useful - that logo fell into memory, the page was attractive for the customer , business cards are distinctive and specific, and letterhead to match the rest of the visual elements.

Why is all this important? This is a topic for a separate article, which definitely here once released.

Being an expert is a long way
Yes - anyone can design. Anyone can create something good and aesthetic, which will be pleasing to the eye. It does not change the fact that in the same way each of us can learn how to cook, but without the proper knowledge is not James Oliver, or Magda Gessler.

Each of us realizes it, how to make pictures, but without the proper knowledge, no one is a photographer organizing sessions for top models. We are all aware how the care of children, but not all of us can become a teacher.

Is so everyone can be a graphic designer? Theoretically, yes. Here comes only one more question: how good? Well we done, Responsive web design software cheers!

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