17 wrz 2016

Logo is not the draw - we ask: Responsive web design software

One of the fundamental issues relating to graphics work, which still raises questions and amazement, the valuation of the logo. Many people can not understand why the logo - which seems to be a little work - costing so much.

Responsive web design software: This problem stems from a misunderstanding of the idea of ​​customer logos (and often the entire visual identity). Logo is not an ordinary word nice font and icon attached to it. Logo is present your activity, to represent you and your company. It is your greatest showpiece and the first thing of which begins brand building.

Having bad entry logs definitely write once Patryk, but I will only mention that for good business logo is already half the battle. Pleasant, timeless, memorable make the client will have somewhere in his mind the image of our company, and perhaps it was to her to return when he will need our services.

Before the client even decide to contact the company, often at the beginning evaluates it through the prism of the logo, creating a suitable brand image in his head. Often companies with weak logotype are simply perceived as inferior or less professional.

LOGO IS NOT FIGURE - Responsive web design software

As already mentioned - in the price of the logo is not just making a nice string with the icon. In fact, the price per logo is the price for long hours of creative work, aiming to come up with such a project, which first will be aesthetic, but the second will match the brand. This, despite appearances, is not so simple: the logo is after all also distinguish your company from the competition, there can be little original. Often during our work occurs after twenty projects, of which the customer gets only three of the best and most relevant.


In addition to all this, the logo should be timeless - designed so that despite the passage of years, whether, despite changing trends in graphic design was further updated and looked professional and nice. Note that the company-giants, which for years on the market, further use the same logo - or, alternatively, bring him a small patch.

Besides, the price usually includes logo design book character - or "manual" to use the logo for the company. With what colors combine them, how far from the text put what not to do with the logo ...

That's why it is worth to entrust logo design graphic designer. He will take into account the client's expectations, while adapting them to the prevailing standards of visual identification of the company and brand image. This will make sure that your logo meets the basic and most important function - is the best showcase of our company.

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