6 wrz 2016

Responsive web design software - RWD, what you need to know.

Responsiveness otherwise RWD - let's start with an explanation of the word - in the e-marketing means adjusting the graphics to display on which the Website is presented. If your company website is responsive which means that it will be well looked laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Responsiveness Web sites are not additive, but a necessity. Designers and developers to create a website trying to make up it was easy to use both the mouse and how your finger on the small screen tablet or smartphone. For this purpose, for example, the smallest interactive object can not be less than 40px otherwise just be hard to hit it. Font size and arrangement of the elements changes depending on what is the resolution of the screen and on what browser displays your website.

Add to that the fact that 2012 was the first year in 11 years, which decreased sales of PCs to mobile devices. Consequently, more and more people are using these devices to browse the web. Just look at the people who not only use the phone to make calls, but largely for web browsing.

Added to all this the largest Polish player involved in the administration of our search results - Google. For a long time the parties were responsive to higher positions in the search results than those not suited to mobile devices. In March 2015, Google went a step further by stating that if a page is not adapted to the device which is to be displayed is simply not punish her in search results on the device. Given that 67% of the Polish population uses the Internet to 41% of the entire population uses the Internet on mobile devices. The question is whether you are able to ignore such a large number of your potential customers? -Responsive web design software

How is it different version of the mobile Internet pages of responsive Web pages? The difference is diametrical. You already know what is the responsiveness, and the mobile version is a completely new web service, which is incorporated instead of the standard Web page when the user wants to read it on a mobile device. As it is a new different service you will need to update regardless of renovation primary website. Moreover, it can look very different and contain entirely different content than the basic Internet page. It is a solution for people who, for various reasons, can not abandon your old Web page and need it smaller counterpart, eg. In the form of business cards for mobile devices.

OKAY! In that case, what else are the advantages pages responsive and how much does it cost?

go with the times - take advantage of opportunities that you give Google, so far among your competition does not have many companies that can boast parties responsywnymi,
Make it easy for life to its customers - if your site loads quickly and has no problem reading it on a mobile device, customers will be on it longer,
Increase the number of visits - taking into account the above information traffic on your site can potentially increase by up to 41%
saving money - designing responsive page you do not have to pay extra for a mobile version of the old website. In one price you have a new site and its mobile counterpart.
Advantages you already know now the price issue. You can be the equivalent of 600 $ purchase a service package under which the check or on a specified mobile devices and at different browsers still your page looks correct. Sometimes it so happens that in spite version responcywnej on little popular devices with unusual resolutions, some elements of the page can be correctly displayed. This is not necessary, but if you care about your professional image worth investing and have guarantees.

Another solution is, as already mentioned, the mobile version. It does not always pay off. Creating a mobile version for large and complex website is equally worth at the creation of the website itself. It makes no sense to pay double, but in some cases where the content is not much, or if you want the full functionality of the show on the desktop version of a mobile website business card can be a very good option. The cost of such mobile page is 600 $.

To sum up, if you do not know if your site is mobile or not you can check it using the tool Google link here. Then contact us: Responsive web design software @ monkey dot com ;)

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