7 wrz 2016

Why responsive design is a must?

Why responsive design is a must?
The days when websites watched only on desktops and laptops were gone. Number of mobile devices, tablets and smartphones is growing. A recent report, "Digital, Social & Mobile in 2015" says that in Poland there are 15.9 million active mobile internet users. A common phenomenon is Multiscreening, or visiting the same site on different devices. Standing in a traffic jam we enter the store page using the "cell" and then in the evening at home we buy while sitting on the couch with your tablet on your lap - Responsive web design software.

Responsive web design software

We are watching the statistics of our customers we see that more and more people visit their sites using mobile phones or tablets. Probably the same you know that watching a normal web page in your mobile phone is difficult - microscopic font, difficult navigation. Responsive, or elastic side adapts to the screen is not accepting miniature size. No problem you can view the so-called. cell, and even make a purchase online.

Google supports the responsiveness - Responsive web design software
Now, without any guesswork known that responsive pages and online shops will appear in a higher position Google search than those unsuitable for mobile devices. If anyone has so far been skeptical, considering responsiveness as a trend, now I think there is no argument against it.

Advantages responsive page:
you are on a time - so far, on the Polish market, there is little responsive web, if you decide this is a good chance that much overtaking his competition, especially since Google help you in this
facilitated watching - customers do not run away from you tired of staring at the tiny letters
potentially greater number of visits - if your site is responsive, customer can look at it at any time - eg. using a mobile phone while standing in a traffic jam or tablet while traveling by train
savings for you - you do not have to invest in additional costly mobile versions or special applications

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